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Swimming Lessons Folsom CA
Swimming Lessons Folsom, CA

Swimming is a fun summer activity, but it is also an essential life skill that everyone should know how to do. Steve Wallen Swim School highly recommends year-round swimming lessons, either 1 or 2 days/week, in order to retain developed skills and maximize enjoyment in the water. If you learn how to swim, you can keep yourself safe in many water-related situations. Not being able to swim is a major risk factor for drowning. Unfortunately, just being around water is often not enough to ensure that you learn to swim safely on your own. It is also essential that you take swimming lessons from a trained swimming instructor to learn the best swimming techniques for fun and safety.

What ages do you teach?

We teach swimmers of all ages and abilities. Whether the goal is to get your baby used to the water while learning basic water safety and survival techniques such as floating on the back, or you are an adult who has never learned how to swim and is ready to get out of the shallow end of the pool when you play with your kids or grandkids, Steve Wallen Swim School will have you or your children swimming like fish in no time!

Am I too old to learn how to swim?

Absolutely not! They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but humans actually benefit tremendously from learning new skills, especially as we get older. Swimming is a very gentle exercise that is often favored for adults because it can be therapeutic and also allows you to exercise your entire body without putting strain or trauma on your joints. Learning to swim as an adult is also extremely good for the brain, since you have to create more neural pathways to accommodate the new knowledge. No matter your age, you can benefit from taking swimming lessons at Steve Wallen Swim School. If you are in the Folsom area and are looking to learn how to swim, Steve Wallen Swim School is the place for you!

Is my child too young to learn how to swim?

In our opinion, it’s never too early to start getting used to the water and comfortable with swimming. Naturally, children’s ability to perform various skills and techniques changes as they get older, but even infants can learn to swim, kick, float, and most importantly, respect the water and gain confidence.

Swimming Lessons for Kids in Folsom

Here at Steve Wallen Swim School, we believe that all children can learn to swim. We make our classes fun and supportive so that all of our students feel safe as they explore the wonderful new world of swimming.

When it comes to swimming lessons in Folsom, we have two main priorities at Steve Wallen Swim School: 1) teaching the survival skill of swimming, and 2) teaching kids to have fun while swimming. First and foremost, we focus on swimming as a survival skill. It takes only one second for a child to fall into a pool, pond, or lake, and we want our kids to possess the skills to keep themselves safe at as early of an age as possible. A large part of staying safe is not panicking in a scary situation, so our goal is to get our kids used to the feeling of being in the water, while working on important skills such as blowing bubbles and holding their breath when they put their face in the water.

Learning to swim can be an extremely scary experience for children. However, the attitude that children have toward swimming is largely affected by their first experiences in the water. If they have a terrifying experience where they fall under the surface and don’t have the skills to save themselves, or they are told by a parent to not go near the water because they will drown, it is likely that they will develop a fear of the water.

On the other hand, if they only learn to swim with floaties or life jackets, this creates a false sense of security where children become too confident and don’t learn to respect the water. It is in these instances that many children jump in the pool without an adult present, and without the support of their floaties, do not know how to swim or get back to the edge of the pool.

At Steve Wallen Swim School we believe that the best course of action is to introduce children to the water at a young age with swimming lessons from a trained swimming instructor. This way, he or she learns the necessary skills to be safe in the water, while having fun and experiencing the joys of swimming in the process.

Adult Swimming Lessons in Folsom

At Steve Wallen Swim School, we firmly believe that it is never too late to learn how to swim. Swimming is an important skill to learn at any age. If you are an adult in Folsom who does not know how to swim, it is likely that you try to avoid the water as much as possible, or stay in the shallow end of the pool when you do swim. Even if pool parties are not something you see much of in your future, it is important to know how to swim in case of emergencies. It only takes a second to lose your footing on a dock, slip on the side of a pool, or fall out of a boat – and if it happens, you are going to want to be equipped with the knowledge of how to respond and get yourself out of the situation. These skills can also save a life if another swimmer is in a distressed situation and needs help.

Adult swimming lessons in Folsom aren’t only for adults who have never learned how to swim. Many of our adult swimmers learned to swim as children, but never took their skills further. Learning the different swimming strokes and perfecting the skills is an incredibly healthy and enjoyable exercise. Seeing our adult swimmers thrive in the water and master skills that they never thought they could develop is true magic.

Private Swimming Lessons in Folsom

Steve Wallen Swim School offers private swimming lessons in Folsom for students who prefer more one-on-one instruction with trained swimming instructors. You can select private swimming lessons to supplement your semi-private or group swimming lessons and help you work on skills that you might be struggling with, or you can choose only private swimming lessons with no group component. We offer private swimming lessons for students of all ages and abilities, whether you are a parent who wants your baby to be confident and respect the water, a toddler looking to develop water safety and survival skills, a child preparing for swim team, or an adult practicing stroke technique for your next triathlon.

Contact Steve Wallen Swim School

We want to hear from you at Steve Wallen Swim School! We are available to schedule swimming lessons, offer guidance about what type of swimming lesson will suit your needs best, and to answer any questions you might have. Our goal is to help you learn to swim, and learn to love it! Whatever your swim instruction needs, Steve Wallen Swim School is prepared to meet and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to arrange a tour of our facility or to enroll in Steve Wallen Swim School. You’ll be glad you did!

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