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What Makes SWSS Standout

What Makes SWSS a local Premier Swim School? What Makes SWSS Standout among Other Swimming Lesson Facilities in the Greater Sacramento Area? Our goal at Steve Wallen Swim School in El Dorado Hills and Roseville is to teach swimming lessons and water safety skills to people of all ages. Whether it is preparing someone for […]

7 Types of Swimmers

7 Types of Swimmers on Their First Day of Swim Lessons at Steve Wallen Swim School By Kaleb Wallen, Co-Owner Steve Wallen Swim School Swimming lessons are an important part of many children’s lives. It is a time when they face their fears in the name of learning a new life skill. Although it isn’t […]

Swimming Lesson Safety Tips

Swimming Lesson Safety Tips from Wallen Swim in Roseville

Swimming Lesson Safety Tips from Wallen Swim in Roseville One of the most common causes of death among children is swimming pool fatalities. It is very common for a child to toddle into a pool unsupervised, or even to drown when adults are present but not paying attention fully. Obviously, you want to keep your […]

Steve Wallen Swim School – 10 Year Anniversary in EDH

Steve Wallen Swim School – 10 Year Anniversary in El Dorado Hills, CA Hello Steve Wallen Swim School family! Happy 2018 and welcome to a new year! This year we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary at our El Dorado Hills Facility. On January 21st, we celebrated this achievement with a 10-year anniversary party with our […]

Wallen Swim – Roseville Location

Wallen Swim - Coming to Roseville Spring 2018

Getting Ready for our New Roseville Location! Register for classes today! We are so excited to announce our new Roseville location. Much more coming soon! Why should you consider Wallen Swim? At Wallen Swim, we understand that teachers and students have to be able to work together to achieve success. You don’t just need a […]

Swimmer of the Month for November 2017

Swimmer of the Month for November 2017 Beth is a spunky two-year-old, that started here early April 2017 not knowing too much about swimming. Beth started swimming in order to gain water confidence as well as water safety. Beth started Steve Wallen Swim School with an open mind about swimming, unsure but willing to give […]

Swimmers of the Month for October

Swimmers of the Month for October Congratulations to Ethan (5 years), Connor (7 years), and Caden (8 years), our Steve Wallen Swim School swimmers of the month for October! Ethan (5 years) returned back to SWSS this year already water safe, and wanted to learn more strokes and technique. He has made tremendous improvements since […]

Swimming Lesson Saftey Tips

Swimming Lesson Saftey Tips from Wallen Swim Every parent wants to keep their kids safe. It might be tempting to keep your kid from drowning by deciding that they will never go around water in their life, but this is really not practical or viable. At some point your child will be around water; do […]